Impact PortaFrame Scrim Kit 2×3

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Impact PortaFrame Scrim Kit 2×3

The Impact PortaFrame Scrim Kit is a portable light-modifying solution. Use the 24 × 36-inch frames and scrims to reduce, diffuse or block harsh lighting for balanced-looking images. The locking frames set up in seconds, using their 3/8-inch mounting pin with most grip heads (not included). Easily slip the scrims over the frames and you’re ready to alter the light falling on your subject. This can vastly improve your photos and reduce harsh contrast between light and dark areas that affect your exposure, leaving you with even tones and better pictures.

Portable Light ModifierSetting up a location in unflattering lighting conditions can negatively affect your photography. The Impact PortaFrame Scrim Kit offers control over harsh lighting in a simple and portable solution. With five collapsible frames and light-altering scrims, as well as dots and fingers, you can quickly set up and change the lighting on your subject. This means you’ll have less contrast between light and dark areas—yielding photos that look even and natural.

Collapsible Locking FramesThe locking collapsible frames make setup a snap and allow you to customize your lighting effects. Fold the frames out, lock them in place, and easily slide on the scrims. The frames have 3/8-inch mounting pins that connect into most grip heads (not included). And when you’re finished for the day, collapse the frames and stow them in the included carrying case, even with the scrims attached. This makes setting up at your next location even easier.

Block, Diffuse, and Reduce The scrims come in five different light-altering fabrics and are color coded to help you select the right one. A single and double net reduce available light on a bright day. The 1- and 2-stop silks diffuse available lighting, giving your subject even tones and reduced hard contrast areas. The light blocker is perfect for shielding your subject from unwanted luminance or creating a darker lighting effect to half of your model’s face.

Dots and FingersDots and fingers allow you to shape light on smaller objects or areas. They’re ideal for tabletop shooting or in situations where the larger fabrics are inconvenient.

Carrying Case – included carrying case keeps everything organized and ready to carry. Pouches line the inside so each fabric has a place, and there are touch-fastener pockets to store the frames. So when you show up to your location, lay the case out flat and quickly grab what you need. Padded handles provide comfort when bringing the case to your next location.


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