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Zacuto – Nucleus Dual Trigger Grips with Left-Hand Wooden Handgrip

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The Zacuto – Nucleus Dual Trigger Grips is a dual handgrip system that relocates the Nucleus M FIZ handgrips to a comfortable hand grip position for shoulder rigs. The Dual Trigger Grip system slides onto 15mm lightweight rods. If you are looking to build a set of handgrips to support a camera grip and Nucleus handgrip, click here.

Our trigger grips are the most adjustable grips available. They allow for single-handed 360¡ rotation with the simple press of a trigger. The two handles rotate independently of each other. Flip them down for a low, rock-solid handgrip. Raise it up for more of an Aaton style position. Or quickly flip them both all the way up to set your camera flat on the ground or for storing in a case. Or stagger them if that is more comfortable to you. The length of the handgrips can also adjust by loosening a red lever and pulling the grip out or pushing in.