Remote Audio BDSv4U Battery Distribution System

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Remote Audio’s BDS system consists of a reverse-polarity protected and overload protected distribution box with illuminated bi-color on/off switch, six standard outlets, a power source (typically a rechargeable battery such as the NP-1), an input cable, and output cables to the devices being powered. BDSv4u also has a USB power outlet and a 6-pin port for remote accessories.

The primary purpose of the BDS system is to enable multiple pieces of equipment to be powered by a single source, and simultaneously turn them on and off with a single switch. For this basic function, the BDSv4u may be used exactly like the earlier BDS versions that it replaces. The input and output connections are the same, so all previous BDS input and output cables manufactured by Remote Audio are compatible with the BDSv4u and BDSv4.

The BDSv4u design takes the system to another level of functionality with the 6-pin connector for the RM (Remote Meter) accessorie. The RM can turn on and off the BDSv4u remotely while displaying the voltage of the power source and the amperage draw of the connected equipment. The BDSv4u can be used without the RM. In this case, the toggle switch turns the unit on and off.

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